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Discover our beautiful modern jewellery for men and woman, hand crafted in London from ethical Fairtrade and recycled materials.


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What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

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Salt and Pepper diamonds are formed like any other diamond, deep in the earths mantle. During this process extreme pressure and heat can cause small internal flaws in the diamonds known as inclusions, and the presence of minerals, gases or radiation can add colour to the stones.
High quality white diamonds which are traditionally the most sought after have an absence of any colour, and very few small inclusions. To learn more about what makes white diamonds so special and how they are graded view my guide to the 4Cs.

However more and more of us are now drawn to unique stones, whose inclusions crackles and colour variations should be celebrated for their beauty rather than seen only as imperfections.

Nicknames such as salt and pepper, rustic, natural and rough are applied to diamonds that contain a high proportion of one of a kind natural flaws, with colours ranging from light grey to dusky pink to terracotta reds. As they are not as rare as the traditional white diamonds these heavily included stones are more affordable, so you can choose a bigger stone for your budget.


Salt and Pepper diamonds are named because of highly visible white and black inclusions, no two stones will have the same unique markings. There is a huge variety to the patterns, from speckled to swirling cloud like formations.
Because of all these inclusions they don’t have the bright sparkle of a white diamond, and this contrast means the two styles compliment one another when worn side by side.

Their growing popularity as the centre piece in alternative engagement rings represents a new interpretation of love and beauty. One that places more value on individual and unique qualities. Making them the (Im)perfect symbol of a modern romance.


Fashion Revolution Week

daniel darby

On the 24th April 2013 the Rana Plaza factory collapse killed 1,138 people and injured a further 2500. The garment factories in Rana Plaza were manufacturing clothing for global brands the workers were mainly young women.

Fashion Revolution Week takes place each year on the anniversary of the disaster with its motto #whomademyclothes the campaign urges us to contact brands and ask ‘Who made my clothes’ and demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

As a global movement Fashion Rev is fighting for the rights and safety of workers throughout the fashion supply chain and highlighting the industry's huge environmental impact and material wastage.

It is not anti fashion but driven by people who love clothes. The understanding that truly beautiful products cannot be made through others suffering communicated with a fierce attitude and intelligence is really inspiring.

So if you haven't already use the form on Fashion Revs website and ask your favourite brands Who Made My Clothes.


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Images used have been taken from the Fashion Revolution website.