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Guide to buying Mens wedding ring

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Guide to buying Mens wedding ring

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Mens wedding rings
Guys If you have just begun to look for a wedding ring or civil partnership bands and are a bit lost with what is best for you or just with the idea of wearing jewellery in general this guide will quickly run through the basics to start you off on your search. We will also give a little more info on unique or bespoke designs for those a bit further down the line, to show that although when it comes to wedding jewellery we all think of the bride there are plenty of choices for the grooms as well!

For help finding your finger size view our printable Ring sizing chart.

Choosing The Metal
Our choice of metal is often quite instinctive. It could be the traditional colour of yellow gold that you are drawn to, alternatively we really like natural un plated white gold whilst the copper tones of rose gold are becoming increasingly popular with guys. For others it may be the metals properties that resonate, for instance the strength and durability of Platinum make it a great choice for a ring you will wear everyday.

Many couples choose to have their rings made in the same precious metal creating a nice link between a pair of bands even if the designs are very different.

If you like to keep your colours matching one point to keep in mind is this is something you will be wearing everyday, if you wear a watch or other pieces of jewellery such as cufflinks or think you may do in the future consider what colour these will be and if they go with your ring.

You can find out more in our Guide to precious metals


Deceiding on Shape

The most common first rings a man will be shown are Court, D Shape and Flat. These classic profiles only differ slightly but having decided on the width and depth of the band and whether to go for a polished or matt finish they can work with a surprisingly wide range of personal styles. All three are popular because they are simple and understated which is what many men want.


Court shape rings have a domed outer and slightly curved inner with straight sides. The rounded inside makes for a comfortable fit with a luxurious weighty feel.

D-shapes are named simply because their profile is that of a capital D on its side. These bands have a classic curved outer whilst the flat inside means the ring is not quite as heavy as a court and keeps the band a bit flatter to the finger

Flat Bands are the first port of call for those looking for a clean modern look. The flat surface area can also be used to show off texturing. Our flat bands have a curved inside for comfort.

As with the choice of metal a visual link can be made between partners bands by choosing the same ring profile even if widths are not the same.


View our range of Court and square wedding bands.


Alternative mens wedding rings

There is no need to feel constrained by tradition many men want something unique that represents their personality.
Often the only way to achieve this is to commission a bespoke design. One off pieces may seem intimidatingly expensive but it doesn't have to blow your budget. A quick chat with a jeweller can determine what kind of materials and processes would be needed to achieve your ideas and budget. Our Bespoke page has more information.


This bespoke textured wedding ring was made using an oversized 9ct white gold band. The marks were created with a specially made punch.

This bespoke textured wedding ring was made using an oversized 9ct white gold band. The marks were created with a specially made punch.

These matching bands are cast from the same unique mould.

These matching bands are cast from the same unique mould.