Lost Wax Casting. How we hand carve our jewellery.

We are very proud that all our jewellery is hand made using traditional skills. In this blog we take you behind the scenes of our London workshop to highlight a key process used to make many of our designs especially the more intricate ones this is the lost wax casting process.

But what is Lost wax casting? Using the Deep Sea Diver pendant from the Into The Deep Collection as an example here is a step by step guide to the process.

First sketches are made to work out design and proportions.

Daniel carves each design from wax using hand tools and scalpels.

Details and amendments are made by melting the wax with a heat pen.

The piece begins to take shape

The finished wax master is used to create a mould.

A mould of the master is taken from which precious metal castings can be made.

The caste metal (in this example silver) is rough and must be cleaned and polished.

A series of files and tools are used to clean up the casting.

Any components such as chains are soldered on before a final polish.

The Diver necklace is now finished.

The Diver necklace is now finished.