Sarah and Jacky


Sarah and Jacky met whilst studying design courses at university. Both share a love of simple minimalist design that focuses on quality materials rather than ornate decoration.

Jacky approached me in search of a modern and dainty engagement ring that was understated but still stood out from the crowd.

Having talked through a number of designs Jacky was drawn to square or rectangular diamonds for their modern feel. The ring has been designed so that it doesn't sit high off the finger, the emerald cut diamond in a bezal setting providing a chic minimal look. The setting walls have not been tapered at an angle as is the case with many traditional style rings, instead the straight lines add to the modern aesthetic.

Throughout the design process the focus was on using the best quality materials, 18ct rose gold to give a slightly more unusual colour than yellow or white metals, and a very high grade white diamond makes an understated design eye catching.