Jewellery that is a celebration of the beautiful materials used to make it.

I am passionate about the natural materials I use, and committed to reducing the impact my jewellery has on people and our planet. From the point the metals and stones are mined, to the packaging your jewellery arrives in.

In January 2016 I announced a move towards making our jewellery where possible from Fairtrade certified or 100% recycled materials. The reason was an awareness of the environmental impact mining for precious metals and gemstones is having on our planet, as well as the often hazardous working conditions and poverty mining communities are faced with.

Since then we’ve continued to take small steps towards becoming an ever more environmentally and socially responsible company. There are no easy answers to complex issues, but we are dedicated to keep looking for ways to improve. Here is what we are doing, we hope this gives you confidence in our jewellery. Please get in touch if you have any questions.