Happy New Year

Happy New Year from everyone at Daniel Darby Jewellery.


2016 is promising to be an exciting year for us, from February onwards if you’re visiting the Royal Academy of Art in London look out for our popular Hammer and Axe pedants selected to be sold as part of the RA’s ‘Rated’ range. Daniel will also be busy designing  a new concept collection that will be launched later this year as well as a range of Wedding and Engagement rings that will compliment our bespoke jewellery service.


But perhaps the biggest change is our aim to make our jewellery where possible from 100% recycled materials or fair trade approved. Over the coming months we will be posting a lot more information on why we are doing this, in short the main reason is an awareness of the environmental impact mining for precious metals is having on our planet and the social impact it has on mining communities. Jewellery is not only beautiful but often holds a huge emotional attachment, this is at odds with some of the more harmful and destructive processes involved in extracting the materials used to make it. We have always tried to run a business that is as ethical as possible but up to now this has meant looking at areas such as recycled packaging, working with local craftsmen and finding natural alternatives to some harmful acids used in the workshop. Small independent jewellers like us have previously not been able to access fair trade or recycled metals, however this is changing and we are going to take advantage of this. 


This transition will take some time as we switch some of our suppliers and work with others that are also transitioning to fair trade and recycled materials. However our new collection will be made using these new ethically sourced materials and by the end of 2016 all our existing collections will also be made using fair trade and recycled materials. 


Look out for more upcoming news about all of this on our website and social media, in the meantime have a great start to 2016.