Ethical Policies


I take great pride in the craftsmanship and the attention to detail that goes into hand making each piece of jewellery, and try to take the same care in every area of the business. The aim is to be as ethically and environmentally responsible as possible.

Jewellery is not only beautiful but often holds a huge emotional attachment, this is at odds with some of the more harmful and destructive processes involved in extracting the materials used to make it. Until relatively recently small independent jewellers like us were not been able to access fair trade or recycled metals so instead we concentrated on areas such as recycled packaging, minimising waste, working with local craftsmen and finding natural alternatives to some harmful acids used in the workshop. However ethical materials are now becoming easier to source and we aim to take advantage of this. 

Acknowledging a responsibility for the impact of our actions is part of being a modern company. We do believe making and wearing jewellery should be a joyful experience, we want you to buy jewellery you are proud of, that is a celebration of the beautiful materials used to make it.

Ethical Policies

Responsible Sourcing

When sourcing materials or using another companies services we try to carefully balance the most environmentally friendly option with social responsibility. Where possible we will support local businesses before looking further afield.

Since 2016 the only precious metals I use are either Fairtrade Gold or 100% recycled. When working on bespoke commissions we are also happy to use a clients own jewellery, reimagine a family heirloom or neglected piece.
For more info on Fairtrade gold click here.

The traceability of the gemstone supply chain is complex but Daniel has built a trusted relationship with established suppliers who can guarantee all their gemstones are bought in compliance with the Kimberley process, and come from conflict free countries.
An increasing number of the coloured gemstones I use are sourced from suppliers who work directly with mines and stone cutters, and can guarantee safe working conditions, fair pay and strong environmental codes of conduct. The aim is to work towards 100% traceability for all our stones.
If your budget allows we can also offer fully traceable Canada Mark diamonds. 

All of our Packaging and stationary is made from 100% recycled materials.


Workshop Practices

In the workshop we take simple steps to reduce waste, using low energy light bulbs and recycling or composting as much as possible. We have reduced the amount of harmful acids used in workshop, in some cases mixing natural ingredients to make alternatives.

Working in precious metals we are careful to keep waste to a minimum, all excess metals are collected to be recycled. This policy is standard throughout the industry and means there is a high content of recycled metal in much of the gold and silver sold today.

Daniel is a keen cyclist and commutes to work, visits suppliers and even hand delivers to retailers by bike.


Handmade To Last

All of our jewellery is made by hand in London, the vast majority of work takes place in Daniels studio, some specialist processes such as hand engraving are outsourced to craftsmen and women in London's jewellery quarter Hatton Garden who Daniel has been working with for many years.

Our goal has always been to create jewellery that stands the test of time, rather than seasonal throwaway fashion. We hope our jewellery will be treasured which is why we offer a repairs and reconditioning service. Click here for more Repairs info

Next Steps

Working towards becoming a Fairtrade licencee

No new designs will be gold or rhodium plated. Exceptions will be made when making a bespoke piece such as a wedding band which needs to be plated to match an existing engagement ring.

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