Traditional Techniques for Modern Designs

Step inside Daniels workshop and you find a world of traditional tools and time honoured techniques. Dan loves working on the tiny details and believes that handmade jewellery holds a unique kind of beauty.

ETSY-Manmade-Daniel-Darby 22.jpg

Beautiful materials

The aim is to create designs that enhance the natural beauty of the precious materials.

Wherever possible Dan uses ethically sourced materials and is part of a growing number of jewellers calling for fully traceable supply chains that respect the people and places that produce these materials.


Its All In The Details

Daniel hand engraves decorative elements and carves many designs from wax. Working by hand Daniel is able to add tiny details and textures that give each piece an unmistakable character.


Selecting Gemstones

Dan enjoys sourcing gemstones with a wow factor. This could be a stunning white diamond or a stone with natural flaws such as uneven colour or internal crackles and blemishes. These stones are often overlooked but can make the most interesting and unique pieces.